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About Me

I’m a software engineer, a web enthusiast, a traveler, a serious foodie… and many other things. But if I had to pick one, I’d call myself a lifelong-learner. I’m a truly passionate person about learning new things. But whatever I try to do, I just try to have fun. I think that’s the only important thing.

I love startups. I worked at one for 3 years, had great friends there and a great experience. I also learned a lot, obviously. I joined Pisano not having any deep knowledge or experience in anything. I started working there knowing little about lots, then I left knowing lots about lots.

Samed G

Then I interned at Google. Being a part of this software giant was a totally unique experience. I learned a lot about software-at-scale and more about making many engineers work together in perfect coordination. It was also a good experience for me to learn about how big companies keep their employees happy and help them achieve a good work-life balance.

Then I helped co-found Lisa, and left soon after seeing that it didn’t work out the way I wanted. It was a promising idea, but it didn’t progress well even though we worked really hard.

Now I build the new version of Infoset and freelance on the side for Christian Dior, L’Oréal, EasyKnock, DoNotPay, and many other companies.

Enough work topics. Outside of work, I travel a lot.

I occasionally catch the aurora.

Aurora Borealis

And enjoy the beautiful waters of Thailand.


But none is better than my home country, Turkey, if you’re a foodie just like me. (you’ve probably heard of salt bae)

Meat at salt bae's place

That’s all about me. Hit me up if you’re anywhere near Istanbul and just want to have a coffee ☕️